Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday sports page 

[] The real games at the Olympics are being played with 100,000 condoms.

[] Who killed Scandinavian figure skating? You'd think they'd be good at it, but Scandinavian figure skating success collapsed in the 1930s and never came back. Leading suspects -- the Communists, Capitalists, and Nazis (featuring Sonja Henie) -- get a good lookover from J.C. Bradbury. And yet...

[] A better NBA All-Star Team than the NBA selected last week -- and why -- from David Berri.

[] When do baseball pitchers hit batters? When they are Southern and the batter is white.

[] Does Joe Namath deserve his niche in the NFL Hall of Fame? Pro Football brings up the issue and hosts a lively debate. (Though the obviously correct answer is "yes".)

[] Why New Orleans didn't get a pro football team sooner. As part of the city's lobbying to be awarded a pro franchise it hosted the AFL All-Star game in January, 1965. As always before such a game, the players arrived a week in advance intending to have a good time around town. But the city proved so hostile to the black players that all the players decided to leave, and the league on very short notice moved the game to Houston. NFL history tells the story. (HT: