Saturday, February 27, 2010

Briefly noted... 

[] Does this tell us anything about Republicans?
Bizarre FEC find of the day: Someone at the RNC spent $15 at a pet store on 8th SE and listed the expense as "meals."

[] Does this tell us anything about Democrats?
Gallup: Majority of Dems View Socialism Positively

[] Does this tell us something about Canadians?
When asked to choose between bacon and sex, more than four in 10 (43%) of Canadians chose bacon!...

Ladies, thinking about which fragrance will woo a man? Think bacon. When asked to rank various aromas by preference, 23% of men ranked bacon as number one...

Nearly one in four of respondents (23%) from Manitoba and Saskatchewan wondered if 'my partner loves bacon more than me'...

[] Calculator of the week:
Men: Are You Old Enough to Propose Yet?
Possibly related calculators: What Are the Chances Your Marriage Will Last? ... Are You Whipped?

[] Urban legend of the month, or not? "Yeah, that's how girls get pregnant." (Although the medical journal report does exist [pdf]. )

[] "Would you like red or blue light with your wine?"
Drinkers' brains are tricked into thinking a glass of white wine is better and more expensive tasting when exposed to the red or blue background lighting than those in rooms with green or white background lighting.

Cconnoisseurs are warned to be wary of unscrupulous bar owners who try to pass off cheap plonk in trendy lit bars... []
Another reason why I drink beer.