Friday, November 06, 2009

Yankees tickertape parade day -- two cheers for the Yankees! 

As I write this, Yankees fans are celebrating their team's World Series victory with the traditional noon-time tickertape parade through lower Manhattan. (Though with the absence of tickers in our time, the city is providing buildings along the route with green recyclable paper that will be swept up and used at the next parade. Doesn't seem quite the same to me.)

Yankees fans should be every bit as proud of their team winning it all as fans of any team that outspent its playoff opponents on player payroll by an average of $104 million, 121% (outspending the Phillies by $88 million, 78%; Angels by $87 million 77%; and Twins by $136 million, 209%) can be.

Do I sound a bit spoilsport-ish? Not at all. It's just that all Yankees fans are front runners.

There's nothing "front runner" about us life-long Mets fans! As the Mets this year burned through baseball's second biggest payroll to lose 92 games, lifer Mets fans who stayed true to their team through yet another long, long season once again demonstrated to the sports world the true spirit of masoch fandom.

Star Yankees Fan of the Series: The award goes to one Douglas Clark, age 50, who after being arrested for trying to sell counterfeit tickets to game two tried to bribe his way out the charges by offering police tickets to game six. [NYP]