Saturday, November 07, 2009

Changing one's mind on the way down before one hits. 

If you decide to be a jumper, having a chance to do this is a reason to go off a bridge instead of a building.
Man survives leap off GW Bridge

A former Naval Academy water-polo star amazingly survived a suicide leap of 212 feet off the George Washington Bridge into the 55-degree waters of the Hudson yesterday -- then swam to New Jersey after suddenly finding that he still had the will to live.

Adrian Rawn, 28, took the plunge without so much as a pause after abruptly stopping his car on the span's lower level at about 11:30 a.m., sources said.

He was pulled from the freezing water by Fort Lee church deacon Gi Yeon Rheem, who had been walking along the base of the Palisades when she spotted someone clutching a rock about a quarter-mile to the north, sources said.

"He started shivering," Rheem, 63, told The Post, adding that the impact had torn off Rawn's pants and shredded his underwear.

"He got up and walked into the sunshine," she said.

"I gave him my scarf, and he said, 'Thank you.'"... [NY Post]
Switching at the last moment from a cannonball or bellyflop to a knife position that will slice into the water doesn't work if you went off the Empire State Building.

Always preserve your options ... you never know.