Friday, May 16, 2008

News you are unlikely to use.

Crime scene investigatee.

Updating the quote file: "A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she is in hot water". -- Hillary Clinton, repeating Eleanor Roosevelt. (Feminism may have come a long way in 70 years -- its speechwriters, not so far.)

Federal Appeals Court case of the week, US v Sanders (.pdf):
Nimrod Sanders appeared at the United State Probation Office and asked to be taken into custody. The Probation Officer explained that Sanders was not in violation of the terms of his release. Sanders responded, “Do I need to commit another crime or do something, because I want to go into custody.”...
So there was a reason why his parents named him Nimrod.

How much sympathy can you give a guy over his $158,000 "hybrid energy saving" car that goes 155 mph, even if he is a Beatle?
...environmentalists quickly pointed out that the use of a cargo plane to deliver the car to England [from Japan] completely offset any environmental gains resulting from the car's use. "It's like driving the car 300 times around the world," says Gary Rumbold, the director of the British branch of co2balance...

Rumbold also questioned whether a high performance car such as the LS Lexus 600h — with a powerful 1.3-gallon (5-liter) V-8 engine and a top speed of 155 mph (250 kph) — is actually the best use of promising hybrid technology..."

If the mullahs fear Barbie is subverting Iran, just wait until they notice the Butt Bra moving things up under the burka.