Monday, May 26, 2008

About and around.

It's a holiday, Congress takes a few days off, and Uncle Jay explains Congressional Recess.

Out of this world.

The biggest sign in the world: Today it's 212 feet tall, has 12 million LED lights that are computer controlled, and says "Walgreens" (or soon will) .... 101 years ago it was 68 feet tall, had 1,400 light bulbs that were arranged to fit around the external fire escapes, and said "Butterick". The new sign is in Times Square on the former New York Times building, reaching 31 stories up. The old sign was on a building on the corner of Spring Street and MacDougal Street in (what is now) downtown Manhattan, and the Butterick Company is still in it. I've walked by that corner many times. Who knew?

Doctor's prescription: France must "Dare to fart!"

Green technology of the future today...
A Japanese lingerie firm has unveiled the perfect gadget for eco-friendly sun worshippers - the solar-powered bra. (Illustrated)

It comes with a detachable solar panel which can produce enough energy to power an iPod or mobile phone ... It is also equipped with plastic pouches that can be filled with water, allowing wearers to quench their thirst without having to buy and then throw away drinks bottles.

The bra is made of high quality organic cotton to ensure its production has the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Triumph International Japan concedes the bra will not become popular in its current form, as outer clothing renders its solar panel ineffective.