Friday, January 06, 2006

Updates and thank-yous.

This little blog has been functioning more or less steadily for just over a year now. The "under construction" sign figures to be up as long as it exists, since what I originally planned here -- more a web site than a blog -- is coming along slowly, very, very slowly. Imperceptibly. Real life interferes. If only I was still a student, or a tenured professor...

I have just added basic commenting -- it seems the Internet ought to be interactive -- and updated the lists of what have been the most-read posts here (over in the left column).

Nothing would have been read here at all but for other bloggers who have referred people here, so I want to thank all those who have been kind enough to do so -- especially "Minuteman" Tom Maguire, Don Luskin, Tim Worstall, the Viking Pundit, Eric Lindholm, the good people at QandO, especially John Henke, and that Skeptical Optimist, Steve Conover.

Special thanks to Natalia McLennan, our "Smart Hooker of 2005", who brought twice as many people here in one day via Google searches as arrived total during my sole Instalanche -- and did it twice!

My first comment to everyone in 2006 is to wish all a great, happy and healthy new year.