Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday morning briefs.

The Carnival of the Capitalists is up and has all sorts of posts related to capitalist-type things, this week and last week too. On thoroughly unrelated, lesser notes...

Gay marriage has got to be getting closer.

Modesty, thy name is Hollywood.

Speaking of Hollywood, there's celebrity death, and then there's making a contest of it.

Even if you're not a celebrity, beware those lifetime guarantees. (Hat tip, Tim Worstall.) Back in my scuba diving days I do remember there were firms selling anti-shark bang sticks with lifetime guarantees, which never seemed entirely convincing to me.

What I should have gotten for Christmas...
If you put a refrigerator in the garage, the compressor, which is designed to work at room temperature, shuts down when the air drops near the freezing mark. Then you have the absurdity of a device designed to keep things cold becoming warm inside because it's cold outside.

But never fear, suburban technology is here -- in the form of the new
Whirlpool garage refrigerator. The garage refrigerator contains a heater that warms the compressor when the temperature dips below freezing. Yes, a device designed to keep things cold contains a heater so it will continue to make cold air when making cold air is unnecessary because it's cold out.
.... product recommendation from the most eclectic of all NFL football columns.