Sunday, December 04, 2005

Another testimonial for expensive dating services.
Anti-aging guru Dr. Nicholas Perricone [the millionaire star of PBS fund raising] and his ex-wife are locked in an ugly custody battle — the doctor accused of being a cheat who has fits of rage and used human growth hormone, the wife slammed as a manic clean freak who washed her daughter's skin raw.

The ex-wife, Madeleine, 37, admits she suffers from bipolar disorder and once worked as a call girl.

But her ex-husband, 57, cheated on her with prostitutes, lied about three past marriages and handed off care of their 8-year-old daughter to chauffeurs and nannies while traveling the world, she alleges...

[The couple met] through an expensive dating service called
The Singles Network in 1994 and married ... a year later. [NY Post]
Maybe there should be a legal "due diligence" requirement for marriage as there is for corporate mergers -- neither party can use in divorce court what they knew or should have known before marrying.

"She was a prostitute and is crazy." "He had bad marriages before and has an ugly temper." "How could we possibly have known? We got together through an expensive dating service!"