Friday, October 28, 2005

Those crazy economists and their ribald antics.
Economists gone wild: Hey, babe, take a walk on supply side.

The apostles of Reaganonics sure think mammaries are hilarious.

Then there were all the references to sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll -- one involving a naked escapade in a swimming pool with a boa constrictor -- at Wednesday night's 65th-birthday roast at Tavern on the Green for Ronald Reagan's legendary economics guru, Arthur Laffer....

Laffer's pal John Donelson, a mathematics professor, told ... a dirty-sounding and very long story in a dialect of pig Latin and displayed a crude graphic he called "The 38 Double D Laffer Curve."

Laffer himself, in his response, did his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and discussed "Arnold's shaking breasts."

Talk about wild and crazy!

And even the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission couldn't resist the boob jokes. "Here's the Anna Nicole Smith Curve," Christopher Cox announced as a graph of side-by-side parabolas flashed onscreen during a silly slide show of "The Lost Laffer Napkins."
[NY Daily News]
In an unrelated story, SEC chairman Christopher Cox is being put forth as a Harriet Miers replacement for appointment to the Supreme Court. Sounds good to me, let's get a little life into the place.