Monday, October 10, 2005

Book your flight early, get a $1.75 million discount -- and rebate too!

Space Tourism Firm Signs First Orbital Passenger

The rocket-building firm Interorbital Systems (IOS) announced the sale of its first orbital space tourism ticket Friday, adding that initial test launches could occur in the next 10 months.

Midwestern businessman Tim Reed, of Gladstone, Missouri, purchased the first ticket for a seven-day trip aboard IOS’ Neptune Spaceliner – which is slated to make its first manned launch in 2008 – for about $250,000 under a promotional fare, IOS officials said. The anticipated full price for their orbital service is currently set at $2 million, they added.

The sale of Reed’s ticket allows IOS to build a scale version of its Neptune spacecraft – the Sea Star – which is currently slated to launch within 10 months...

Reed ... also qualifies for a full rebate of his ticket price two years after his orbital flight, which is part of the promotional fare...

As Werner von Braun might have said if he'd lived to see the private space tourism industry, early booking makes your money go farther. And "only nine promotional 'Free Tickets to Space' are left!" Up and around the world for $0 (after rebate) -- you'll have a hard time making your money go farther than that!