Monday, September 19, 2005

But I thought transparency in government was good.
Bribe rates published in police bulletin

Authorities in an Indian state have ordered an enquiry after a bribe rate card was published in a police bulletin.

The rate chart in the Kolkata Police Gazette listed amounts to be paid to jail officials for services to prisoners, reports Hindustan Times.

It revealed that expensive liquor could be had for £2.50 and mobile phones could be used for £1.25.

An embarrassed West Bengal government has now 'censured in writing' Detective Chief Gyanwant Singh and is now investigating whether other members of his editorial team could be held responsible.

Home Secretary Prasad Ranjan Ray said: "The publication of the bribe rates was not a mistake, but a deliberate act to malign the image of the force."

But he added that the government would not take any further action against the police officer because of his good record.
He bribed them.