Sunday, August 14, 2005

The price of the tattoos of youth:

Long sleeves on 90+ degree summer days like today. Just found out why a couple of women who recently moved into the neighborhood seemed to think of long sleeves and high necklines as August heat-wave apparel. Yikes, neither was kidding!

Tattoo removal has become a growth industry, says the NY Post, a decade after the tattoo boom of the mid-'90s. Prime customers: Girls who in their 20s wanted to show how rebellious they were, now being women in their 30s who want to make a good impression on prospective mates and in-laws who won't want to see the wrong name "peeking out from a strapless wedding gown", and on employers (and, in the above local cases, on co-op boards).

Guys don't seem to care so much, "some men in their 20s and 30s want to remove Greek alphabet tattoos they got in their drunken frat-boy stage."

I tell the kids to stick to piercings, when you want to get rid of them they heal on their own.