Thursday, August 04, 2005

Google rules!

That little post last Sunday about the hooker who couldn't keep her mouth shut quiet drew 2,000 search engine hits in one day with 94% of the searches by Google, 4% by Yahoo, and 2% by all others. (With almost no hits on Sunday or Monday -- the tide came in Tuesday morning. What happened then?)

So either Google's users have a highly disproportionate interest in $2,000 hookers or we see the extent to which it dominates the search business.

But should it? At this writing Google lists as the #1 web site of more than 3 million for "videos of fat people doing fat people".

Hey, is there something I forgot I posted? It's great to be #1 at anything, but...

Maybe I should be getting a message here? In addition to the above, hits continue to stream in for old posts on the "Jewel Affair" affair, Joe Massino, Tara's boob ... Maybe it's best to forget Social Security. A site redesign to Sex & Crime, All The Time just may be in the works.