Friday, June 03, 2005

Where to go to drown happy.

Guests take a dip in beer pool

An Austrian holiday resort is offering guests the chance to swim in a pool containing 42,000 pints of beer.

The Starkenber Beer Myth resort located in and around the medieval castle of Starkenberger in Austria's Tyrol region has filled seven 13ft long pools with the beer.

The management claims that beer baths heal various skin diseases...

Manager Markus Amann, 23, said: "I would rather swim than swallow, as we serve enough of a cold, fresh tapped beer on the bars next to the pools."
For all the problems the Europeans have, you've gotta give them points for some things.

Looks like just the resort to spend some time in to recover from the stress of a 1,000 bar quest ... mention of which brings back memories of the ambitions (and some of the attempts) of my youth.