Thursday, June 16, 2005

On hunger and education in America ... and the lack thereof.

When news stories report the like of "More Children Go Hungry In America", they use the word "hungry" for what the studies they rely on call "malnourished" ... which means receiving a poor quality diet ... which is much more likely to mean "obese" than hungry, what with only 0.4% of children reporting actually missing meals, so Mickey Kaus tells us...
"Hunger" is not the right word. But "hunger" is a crude, tried-and-true basis for liberal campaigning, so "hunger" is what gets emphasized. "Hunger" also neatly directs attention to the standard question of money and away from the touchy issue of parental and cultural foolishness.
So stuffed fat on junk food becomes "hungry" in activist presentations and the liberal media.

Mickey also points us to Jill Stewart on how California Voters Get “F” in Education when it comes to having any clue at all about the educational issues they are called to vote on.
Palmer, of the Department of Finance, explains: “People just do not get that when California adds billions each year to the schools -- which we do -- adding another $1 billion means you multiply $1 million by one thousand.”
Not that any higher grade is deserved by the voters here in New York ... or within the 3,000 miles in between.

By the way, Michael Kinsley, way to keep a secret!