Sunday, June 19, 2005

The New York Post enjoys being cruel to schoolgirls

It reports this heartbreaking story...
A Queens couple claims their daughter's memories of elementary school have been marred by a "horrible" yearbook photo, and are demanding the school recall all 200 books and replace the picture.

Michelle Maihepat, of South Ozone Park, said her 11-year-old daughter, Asheana, is so embarrassed by the "bad picture" that she has been crying and hiding her face in shame from her sixth-grade classmates at PS 121 since the yearbooks were distributed Monday.

"For the rest of her life, she's going to have to be ashamed of that horrible picture," Maihepat said.
... and illustrates it by running the offending photo on Page One so the whole city can emphasize with young Asheana's shame. Then it prints what some might think an even worse photo of her "crying and hiding her face" inside with the story.
Asheana was home sick on the day in March that most of her classmates posed for the standard cap-and-gown head shot ... fearing Asheana would be missing from the yearbook, her teacher — who organized the yearbook project — snapped the extreme close-up shot and sent it to the printer, school officials said...
The cat the editors usually kick around must have been at the vet's that day.