Monday, May 09, 2005

Most popular posts -- recap of seven months of blogging.

While this place is on semi-hiatus, here, for what it's worth, is the best of what seven months of blogging has produced -- as measured by what people have chosen to read, forward and link to. (Not including posts on Social Security, which are elsewhere.)

These posts are pretty much in order of how many people have looked at them, and so presumably in general order of interest...

Get your phone bills out -- and get ready to claim a tax refund for your share of $9 billion of illegally collected telephone taxes. (link)

The fifth anniversary of Paul Krugman's first whopper howler in the NY Times. (link)

Good help is hard to find, even you're a real-life Tony Soprano.* (link)

2002: The year the rich got poorer but paid higher tax rates, as the Bush tax cuts proved progressive. (link)

Let's just tax fat people and be done with it. (link)

The question the 9/11 Commission didn't ask. (link)

Entrepreneurial rise-and-fall story: NYC's "Bill Gates of Bathroom Attendants" brought down by justice. (link)

Innovation in radio, tomorrow and yesterday. (link)

When the CSI team is done, who cleans up the bloody mess? (link)

If you're going to flash the cameras, don't be cheap with the surgeon. (link)

The US Supreme Court says lawsuit plaintiffs can lose by winning. (link)

NY Times and top Democrats rally to defend tax break for the rich. (link)

The New York Times: Paper of those who've never been in a subway, and protector of the public purse -- when its own hand isn't in it. (link)

* Somehow, as a result of this lone test post made before this blog even got started -- when it was getting only 4 hits a day -- this site became the #3 Google hit on mobster Joe Massino half a year later. Go figure.


There you are, a baker's dozen, and all there'll be for a while. I hope you found something among them worth reading.