Monday, May 09, 2005

The less posted here, the more people like it. Taking the hint, I'm off on semi-hiatus.

While not posting here for ten days (the result of various real life distractions, not least an attempt by my doctors to kill me) what happens? Hits surge steadily upward to a new high. Never posting again might really make blogads pay.

Well, I'm not that disciplined, but do expect to be on semi-hiatus for a while as the real world impinges on 'net life. This site also needs a good rethink, looking for ways to post more efficiently material of more lasting value, rather than just a series of ephemeral posts of the day, all soon forgotten.

That's been fun enough for these past several months, and it has been rewarding to watch the number of visitors here rise from absolute zero to a slightly more than zero to noticeably more than zero with no marketing at all on my part other than a few "carnival" posts -- so thanks to all who have visited and linked and gotten others to drop by.

But considering the real-dollar opportunity cost to the self-employed of time spent blogging, a blog in end has to be either more substantial or less substantial than this one. So we'll see. (If only I was a tenured professor...)

Not that I have the willpower to quit blogworld cold turkey. I've got the posting addiction and would probably just end up back on usenet -- and then I'd have to kill myself.

So ... be seeing you. If only intermittently for a while.

Until then, right below is a recap of the most popular posts on this site to date. For what they're worth...