Thursday, February 17, 2005

No honest testimony goes unpunished.

During the government's Balco steroids investigation Jason Giambi of the Yankees went before the federal grand jury and told the truth, he took steroids. Before and after he did, many of the game's other most famous players were called before the same grand jury, swore to tell the truth, and testified that all those "paid in full" receipts from the Balco company on the dresser were spit up by the cat, or some such.

As Giambi's reward for his honesty his testimony was leaked to the papers and he's been savaged by the New York press ever since. Meanwhile, all those other guys who all swore that they'd thought they'd bought suntan lotion from Balco are walking. OK, such is life.

But, gee whiz, one of those taking shots at Giambi now is his own Yankee teammate Gary Sheffield, for crying out loud, who's calling Jason a "cry baby".

Gary appeared before the grand jury too. What did he say under oath?
"I said I didn't know I took steroids, the bottom line was I thought it was rubbing cream on my legs." [NY Post]