Thursday, February 17, 2005

Max Spoke...

... of "Jim Glass, a critic of all things liberal with whom I agree on virtually nothing..."

But we did agree on some things. He appreciated that I recognized the White House's intent to take 3% out of workers' returns from its proposed private Social Security accounts when other were denying it, and that I took a critical shot at that myself.

Now about the same time, as the anti-Social Security reformers in various forums were going on-and-on about how low returns in private accounts could be, I challenged those I could to be honest enough to admit that returns from Social Security for workers are slated to be even worse, even outright negative for some. "I'm looking for a liberal honest enough to admit it!" I'd say. No takers on that. Not a one.

Then to my surprise I read at Max's...
"Preemptive response to critics of SS: yes 1.3 or worse is a lousy rate of return..."
He spoiled my fun! Now I'm going around saying, "I'm looking for a second honest liberal, besides Max Sawicky..."

Well, if cats and dogs can agree on the same factual reality then they have at least a chance of being able to work something out between them. While if they can't even agree on the facts...

So Max Speaks is on the blog roll.