Monday, February 21, 2005

Dog reincarnated as firewood.
A couple were stunned to find the mirror image of their beloved pet dog -- embedded in a log.

Terry Wright and wife Joan were amazed to see a colour vision of their beloved labrador Bess, who died three years ago, set into the grain of a poplar tree.

Terry, 66, was about to throw the log on the fire at their 200-year-old cottage at Antrobus, near Knutsford, when Joan spotted the resemblance...

"I asked if she'd been drinking whisky, but when I looked at the log I was amazed...

"I've been offered money for the log but no amount will persuade me to part with it.

"Bess has come back to us in the most amazing way and this time she's staying right by our side forever."
That's very impressive. But the way I always understood reincarnation was that if you lead a good life you'll come back as a higher-order being, and if you lead a bad life you'll come back as a lower-order being. So what kind of life does a dog have to lead to come back as a stick of wood?