Thursday, January 27, 2005

What public education is all about.

It seems that a California public school district's recent crackdown on truancy and school absences has left many parents and students speculating that it is motivated by the fact that the district loses money under the state funding formula for every absence.

To them a district official responds....
"We're being bombarded right now with 'it's about the money,' " said Nancy Danziger-Brock, an attendance improvement programs administrator for elementary schools at the San Jose Unified School District.

"Until about two or three years ago, nobody even brought that up. And for me, when I started this program, which has become my passion, it's about kids getting to school, getting fed, getting health care, getting their vision checked, getting their hearing checked, having counseling, getting their two meals a day and getting their education."... [Almaden Times]
Hey, education made the list!

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