Sunday, January 30, 2005

Webcam of the week.

From the sports world's most eclectic football column...
Last week the new $375 million cruise ship Aurora limped back into port after its main engines failed; aboard were millionaires who had paid fares totaling $28 million for an ultra-luxury round-the-world cruise. Aurora had been scheduled to make a globe-circling tour with stops in 23 countries.

Instead the ship left home port in Southampton 10 days late, got only as far as the Isle of Wight, about 25 miles away and then returned, the cruise cancelled.

Note: Aurora has a live webcam intended to provide continuous views of its glamorous ports-of-call. Because the ship is dead in the water, the live webcam currently shows an industrial area near the docks in Southampton.
Yes, but at this moment as the night ends over there the dockyard is all lit up brightly, the morning lights are coming on in the city, and it's really very pretty.

(And it's now Bremerhafen, Germany, not Southampton.)