Monday, January 31, 2005

Smart criminal of the weekend.

What's dumber than leaving your fingerprint at the scene of your crime? How about ... leaving your finger?

A bungling burglar gave cops the finger — literally — and the NYPD is happy he did.

Franco Beaumont, 20, left a part of his severed thumb at the scene of a Canarsie theft Jan. 19, allowing cops to fingerprint the digit and find the hapless suspect ...

Police Officer Richard Collegio ... retrieved the thumb, and cops rolled it in ink, just like they do with any fingerprinting job ...

Police entered the print into a computer database and got a "hit" — the print matched one on file.

On Thursday night, cops from the 69th Precinct showed up at Beaumont's home on East 82nd Street. It didn't take them very long to know they were in the right place.

"Basically, we were looking for someone with a bandage, and once we saw this guy had a bandage on his thumb, we sort of knew he was going to be our guy," said one chuckling law-enforcement official... [NY Post]

Gee, the guy left the place loaded with stolen jeans, sneakers and jackets -- he couldn't take his own thumb too?