Thursday, January 06, 2005

Chinese SUVs coming to America.

From the people who brought you the Yugo...
Chinese cars headed for U.S.

NEW YORK - A U.S.-based company plans to sell cars manufactured in China at American dealerships beginning in 2007.

Visionary Vehicles has partnered with Chinese automobile company Chery in efforts to create and import high-quality, stylish cars priced 30 percent lower than comparable models currently on sale in the United States.
That'll make the UAW's day.
The 2007 fleet will launch with five totally new models consisting of compact, mid-size and crossover sedans as well as a luxury sports coupe and a sport utility vehicle.

Visionary Vehicles is headed by auto industry entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin, who also brought Subaru and Yugo cars to U.S. consumers. Yugo America, which imported a small hatchback car manufactured in Yugoslavia, closed in 1992...

To dispel concerns about the quality of cars made in China, Visionary announced that its cars will come with 10-year/100,000 mile warrantees.

European and Japanese design firms behind Ferrari and Lamborghini luxury sports cars have been enlisted to design the launch models... [CNN]
So why didn't Bricklin get the Lamborghini people to design a Yugo for him? It might have done better...