Saturday, January 22, 2005

All right -- which of you is the one trolling for a 20-year-old sexy girl with an e-mail address in Sri Lanka?

You know you're out there. Scanning through the server logs one sees the searches that bring people here, and the one of the day was a Google search...

"sexy + girls + Sri Lanka + over 20 years old + have a e-mail address."

This is not that kind of web site! Oh, wait, I guess it is since Google produced it. And the guy (presumably a guy) came here to check it out. After going through 43 pages of Google listings -- this one was 423rd on the list. I have to think he went to all of them if he clicked on this one.

You know who you are. Sorry to disappoint.

Another interesting thing was a surge of Google searches on "Alexandra Christman", Ben Kingsley's wife, which brought a whole bunch of people to this little space-filling gossip item from a while back. Why? I did a Google news search on her myself and nothing came up. But something's up with her, some gossip is circulating somewhere.

And inexplicably to me the single most lastingly popular post in this whole blog remains the one about the bumbling mafiosi posted way back last June to test cut-and-paste from the NY Post's web edition to Blogger. This just keeps drawing people, through searches and people who link to the post. But why?

Never question what the customers want. I may convert this blog to a Mafia fan site.