Monday, December 13, 2004

Who says China isn't fast joining the capitalist world?
China to crown first "Miss Plastic Surgery"

BEIJING - China will soon host the finals of the country's first beauty contest in which every contestant has gone under the knife.

Twenty "man-made" beauties will parade their surgical nips and tucks next Saturday in the hope of taking home the country's first Miss Artificial Beauty crown.

The contest is the latest addition to China's beauty pageant scene after Miss World was held in the southern island of Hainan for two years in a row.

Beauty pageants were once considered reviled displays of western decadence but have become big business in Communist-ruled China following more than two decades of economic reforms...

Organisers dreamed up the pageant after one woman who splashed 110,000 yuan on improving her looks attempted to sue them for banning her from the finals of a traditional beauty contest in May.... [Reuters]
They're even doing this stuff to avoid discrimination lawsuits!