Monday, December 20, 2004

"That'll be $100 or 10 days in jail."

Did you ever wonder about those sentences for minor offenses that consist of a choice of paying a few bucks or going to jail? Who would choose jail? I always assumed they were left over from the old days when a few bucks were worth more...

Husband chooses jail to escape nagging wife

A henpecked German has chosen to do time in jail rather than pay a parking fine to get away from his nagging wife.The 47-year-old man, from Itzehoe, faced a £55 fine - or 10 days in prison if he didn't pay up.

Police in the town said they were stunned when the man rang up and asked them to come and pick him up from his home. "He said he couldn't stand the constant bickering at home with his wife and was looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet in jail," said a police spokesman. [Ananova]

... but maybe they have a social purpose after all.