Monday, December 27, 2004

Lenin statute moved to ash-heap of history Nitra, Slovakia -- becomes an attraction.

Lenin Statue Homeless

A five tonne statue of Vladimir Lenin is making the rounds in Nitra as officials haggle over where it belongs...

"We have been looking for a place for the statue for a long time," Dagmar Bojdová, from Nitra town hall, said. "Some people think it should be melted down. But we never received such a proposal in writing. And I personally think that it shouldn't be destroyed. It's part of our past. It should be preserved for future generations."

While authorities search for an appropriate place, the Lenin statue stands in a yard next to trash containers and piles of garbage.

"When the statue was in the square, there wasn't as much interest as now," Ladislav Meszároš, of the maintenance service, said.

"People come here and take pictures of it. It's a local attraction." [Slovak Spectator]