Friday, December 03, 2004

Canada has immigration law problems too.
Canada Ends Permit Program for Foreign Strippers

The Canadian government, under fire because one of its ministers has been accused of giving preferential treatment to a Romanian stripper, said on Wednesday it was scrapping a program that handed out temporary work permits to foreign-born exotic dancers.

Human Resources Minister Joe Volpe said it was clear that not all Canadians supported the program, which granted permits to around 660 foreign strippers to work in Canada ...[Reuters]
Not all, maybe, but I'm sure some did.

However, maybe this is not a legal problem but a defect in the Canadian labor market. Some ask: are Canadians at some sort of international comparative disadvantage regarding women who take their clothes off?

Stripper Shortage National Disgrace

Rather than give Immigration Minister Judy Sgro a hard time about whether or not she greased the pole, as it were, to fast-track the process to allow a Romanian stripper to stay in Canada, we need to be taking a look at the bigger issue: Why is Canada unable to meet the demand for exotic dancers on its own?

What is lacking in our national character that we cannot turn out enough people who can figure out how to take off their clothes? ... [Toronto Star]