Friday, November 05, 2004

World news we missed during all that election brouhaha.

Who says Muslims have a medieval religion?

Apparently Malaysia's been "facing a massive problem of divorce through SMS and e-mail". Who knew?

Although they're having to deal with are some legal-technical problems, such as fitting the "triple talaq" -- the required "I divorce thee" stated three times -- into those short SMS messages.

Municipal court judge or porn star?

You decide.

It seems one can't be both in Romania.

We never found out who won at the World Sex Championships, and speculated earlier this might be because we don't get the Naked News sports report.

Now the World Testicle Cooking Championship is fast approaching. Will the results be on the Food Channel?

Hmm... The world sex championships were in Poland, porn star judges are in Romania, and the world testicle cooking championship is in Serbia. Is someone enjoying the fall of communism?

Murphy's law applies in Germany too.

You'd think that if you lived right next door to a fire station, at least your house wouldn't burn down.

Murphy's law applies in England too.

You'd think that even if you landed your classic airplane in a farmer's field, cows wouldn't eat it.