Sunday, November 07, 2004

Why not to predict the future even if you are an expert, Football Sunday edition.

New York Post, November 17, 1968:
"There was speculation that [NFL Commissioner] Rozelle might now stiffen his resolve to establish an independent TV network when the contract with NBC and CBS expires next year.

"The question was whether the giant networks really care any more about pro football. Madison Avenue sources say the new national pastime is badly over-exposed and is no longer worth the millions being shelled out for it ... advertising agencies are beginning to talk about the law of diminishing returns..."
The current NFL TV contracts pay more than $2 billion annually to the league.

Update: November 9, 2004 -- The NFL picked up $11.5 billion yesterday in three separate TV contracts for pro football, about a 40 percent gain over the previous contracts... (NYP)

"Why make a prediction? Then they have something to judge you by."

-- Bill Parcells, pro football coach