Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Catchin' up...

There's been little posted here for the few days since I spent them all in conferences with IRS counsel (the Tax Court's judges ride the circuit into town on Monday) and my kids' teachers. It's hard to say which of those two is hardest to deal with ... No, I take it back, it's not hard to say at all.

Anyhow, what kind of stuff have I missed? Let's see...

[] Bobble head Supreme Court justices. (Click their heads!)

[] Who says democracy isn't taking hold in Iraq? They already have 156 political parties, and haven't even had an election yet.

[] "Bearded Woman Tries to Preach in Mosque"

Why does this remind me of Life of Brian?
"Ohh, I hate wearing these beards. Why aren't women allowed go to stonings, Mum?"

"It's written. That's why"...

"Are there any women here today?" (.wav)
[] Deborah Orin openly credits bloggers with doing in Dan Rather. Meanwhile a Democratic Congresswoman laments "The media certainly is not in our hands any longer." No, seemingly not. But it's interesting to finally hear the admission that it was.

[] The excellent RealClearPolitics web site presents the data that show what really turned the election. All the op-ed fantasists can give it a break now.

[] When the heck did Ford automobile dealerships become "stores"? I thought I heard this on the radio so I googled it, and sure enough Vancouver's Big Ford Store came right up, as did The Big Ford Store in Woodbridge, Va., and so on. So what do these Ford marketing mavens imagine they've figured out? Are they planning to sell Big Gulps to go with Explorers?