Friday, October 15, 2004

The conservative case against George W. Bush.

SuperDubya had to fly off to fix straighten out those new election machines in Florida. Keeping an eye on things today in his place are ...

... the Bulging Yellow Speedo Guys.

Not missing any chance to subvert the opposition from inside, they urge you to consider the serious and thoughtful Conservative Case Against George W. Bush.

Alas, as conservatives among all people know, we live in a word of limited options.

Now if the Guys could just suggest a serious and thoughtful Conservative Case For John F. Kerry, they'd prove themselves to be true superheroes.

However, stay tuned, I may rise to that challenge and (attempt to) make such a case myself in a coming post, after donning cape, tights and all. (But no speedo, definitely no speedo.)

Blogging will resume in a couple days ... maybe ...

News update:

Earlier we noted the Halperin memo instructing the minions at ABC News not to "reflexively and artificially hold both sides 'equally' accountable" for the truth of their statements in this election campaign, as said minions "help voters evaluate what the candidates are saying".

Well, good troops follow orders.

Further observation from the excellent RealclearPolitics election information site:

"I find it rather astonishing that Democrats and some members of the media (like Mark Halperin) continue to harp on President Bush's dishonesty while John Kerry runs around the country telling people the President is going to reinstate the draft ..."