Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bluffs are called in politics as well as poker, Charlie.

Rep. Charles Rangel, Democrat of New York, voted against his own bill to reinstate the draft when Republicans brought it to a surprise vote on the House floor on Tuesday -- saying he did so to protest the fact that lawmakers didn't hold any committee hearings or solicit expert testimony to prove the law he proposed was needed.
The vote was a "political maneuver to kill rumors of the president's intention to reinstate the draft after the November election," he said.
No kidding!
Although President Bush has said he would not impose a draft, rumors to the contrary have been fanned by critics of the war including the former Democratic presidential hopeful, Howard Dean.

"It just seems to me that as many times the administration says they are against the draft, all we hear on the Internet and around the country is that after the election they are going to have the draft," said Mr. Rangel, during the floor debate.
Gee, Charlie, why is that?
... several Democrats said they did not believe the [President's] assurance.

"Every time the president denies it, the phone calls pour into our offices - when it is going to happen?... The fact is that the kids have got it right, and now their parents are listening and saying, 'Oh my god, there might actually be a draft,'" said Rep. Jim McDermott, a Democrat of Illinois.

"There is a secret plan to have a draft," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat of Texas... (NY Sun)
So how do we know when politicians are lying? The lips moving give it away every time.